Timeline callbacks not called


I want to receive a callback on each beat. I’ve copied the official example to get callbacks from timeline from here:

For some reason though, the callback just not getting called at all. Any suggestions?

P.S Since the EVENT_CALLBACK signature from the example is no up to date, I’ve fixed it as shown here: Timeline callback example has wrong signature

Using Mac M1, Unity version 2020.3.8


Which version of FMOD are you using? If you are using FMOD 2.00.xx you don’t need to make that modification, and if you are using > 2.01.00 the 2.01 example and 2.02 example have both been corrected.
The other thing to check is that the event name passed to FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.CreateInstance definitely exists. Are you getting any errors in the console?


Thanks for the fast response!

I’m using version 2.01.09.
I’ve copied the exact code from example 2.01 and still no luck. The event name definitely exists - I’m passing it from the inspector + debuged it + can hear it playing. :slight_smile:

No errors in the console also. Made sure Start() function is getting called.

I do have 2 Unity listeners that I can’t seem to convert to FMOD listerenrs though, if it’s somehow related.

In this instance the Unity listeners shouldn’t make a difference- though I’d definitely recommend removing them and adding FMOD Listeners in their place to avoid issues later on.
The only other thing I can think of is that the event doesn’t have a tempo marker. Perhaps try loading the “Examples” project that ships with FMOD Studio in the Unity FMOD Settings and see if you can get callbacks with one of the events in the “Music” subfolder.