Transitions & Probability

Hey, I’m a n00b so hopefully this is something simple that I’ve missed, but:

I’m using a transition to return to the start of the music loop, with some long releases & reverb tails pasted in the transition timeline to smooth it all out. Not all of the instruments with long releases/reverbs are set to play 100% of the time, but their releases/reverbs in the transition timeline will play even if they didn’t, right? Is there a way to link the probability of two files or something? Or a condition that only plays the transition timeline file if the preceding file played?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

  • Shane

I’m afraid I don’t totally understand what you mean. What behavior are you trying to achieve?

Ok, so, say there is a piece of music that is a 16 bar loop, but on the 17th bar there is a reverb tail that lasts for 2 bars (and it’s essential). At the end of the 16th bar you can use a transition to return to a destination marker placed at the start of the piece. You can double click on the transition marker to open the transition timeline, paste the reverb tail in there, drag the audio from the destination marker forward (in to the transition timeline), and the reverb tail will now play over the first 2 bars of the piece when it loops around.

Now say that in the Trigger Behavior of the 16 bar loop, the chance of it playing is set to 50%. The reverb tail that has been pasted in the transition timeline will play regardless of if the 16 bar loop itself played.

The behavior that I’m trying to achieve, is to only have the reverb tail in the transition timeline play if the 16 bar loop played. If the 16 bar loop didn’t play, the reverb tail doesn’t play.

I’m sure there’s a way to achieve this, possibly (probably) something very obvious staring me in the face…

The usual way of handling this would be to use two different transitions: One featuring both the 16-bar loop and the reverb tail, and one with neither the 16-bar loop nor the reverb tail.

If it helps, think of transition markers as decision points, where the event could follow two different paths; if you want beahior to be specific to just one path, it should be put on that path.