Trigger sound on movement

I have a multisound with 14 different sounds of shattering glass. What I am looking to do it make it so that a throwing movement - in vr - triggers one of the sounds. How can I do this - triggering an audiofile on movement (speed/distance I presume)?

Your game’s code needs to create and start an instance of the event that contains the multi instrument. Assuming you’re using the FMOD Studio API, information on creating and starting event instances can be found in this section of the FMOD API User Manual.

If you want an existing event instance to alter its behavior depending on its speed relative to (or distance from) the listener, a simple option is to add a parameter sheet for a speed (or distance) built-in parameter to the event, and position the multi instrument such that it is only triggered at specific parameter values. Information on parameters can be found in this section of the FMOD Studio User Manual.

Hey Joseph,

Sorry for my late reply. Thank you! That is exactly what I am doing though and the point is that it doesn’t work in unity. When I change the speed nothing sounds.

Does the event work when you audition it in FMOD Studio, and change the value of the speed parameter by adjusting the parameter value dial?

And when you connect to your game using live update and record a profiler session, does an instance of the event appear and continue existing throughout the session?