ETA for 5.3 support?

I’m looking to start a new project on 5.3, just curious what sort of timeline to expect? Thanks for this amazing tool!

We’re planning to include UE5.3 in our 2.02.19 release which will be in about 7 weeks but we’ll put our UE5.3 plugin source up on our github as soon as it’s ready. Should be good to go in a week or two.

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Hi op,

To get fmod 2.02.17 compiling on 5.3 (while we wait for the official release), I just needed to fix an include inL


#include “AssetRegistry/Public/AssetData.h”


#include “AssetRegistry/AssetData.h”

7 weeks, so long :open_mouth: What should I do in the meantime :rofl:

that is unfortunate given how trivial the fix is.

@alan665 Thank you for providing the fix, however I’m not having any luck getting it to work.
What I did:

  1. Cloned the unreal integration from GitHub
  2. Made the change you provided
  3. Followed the steps here: FMOD - User Guide (compiling the plugin optional)
  4. Right-clicked the .uproject file > “Generate Visual Studio Project files”
  5. Launched the project, it prompts:

The following modules are missing or built with a different engine version:


Would you like to rebuild them now?

And results in

TestProject could not be compiled. Try rebuilding from source manually.

Any idea what I did wrong here?

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Can you tell me how you made it compile? Simply changing this line doesnt do it for me. I have a ton of build errors. I followed the FMOD tutorial and copied the necessary files from an already compiled plugin into the source code plugin folder. Any unreal BuildSettingsVersion gives me a ton of errors.

I just went through the compile errors and fixed them, theres lots of build errors but they stem from one or two missing includes. Heres the plugin with my changes:

Obviously this is just a dirty hack until FMOD actually release and test their official 5.3 version, the ‘fix’ mentioned earlier is not as simple as me fixing some includes, ive only tested this for my purposes.

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I’ve put the source for our UE5.3 integration up on github here. Note: This is pre-release code - if you find any problems with it, let us know.

I cloned the branch you posted, copied the qwhole 5.2 plugin according to the tutorial above without overwriting any files (deleted intermediate and “unreal” files and regenerated project files.)