Two tracks running parallel that can crossfade any moment - Possible?


I’m working on a game where I want two versions of the same track running at the same time but you can only hear one. Then, when I set the parameter to a certain value, it has to crossfade to the other track. So let’s say track 1 is playing and at 1:25 i want it to crossfade to the other track, which is also at 1:25 at that moment because it was silently playing along. Any idea how?

The easiest way would be to create an event with two audio tracks, each containing one version of your track. Add a parameter to your event, and automate the volume of both tracks on that parameter such that one is audible only at the high end of the parameter and the other is audible only at the low end. Then, give the parameter a small but positive seek speed.

You will then be able to crossfade from one track to the other by changing the value of the parameter.

The ‘Music/Basic/Random Layered’ event in ‘Examples.fspro’ uses a very similar method to fade in and out individual layers of a track.


Super, thanks, that did it!