UE 4 Can't make package with the sounds working

Hi after trying some of the solutions posted in the forum I still can’t make a package where the sounds are working.

When I’m making the package I get this warning and i don’t know how to fix the error.

[2020.01.30-15.22.42:739][ 0]LogLinker: Warning: Can’t find file ‘/Script/FMODStudio’
[2020.01.30-15.22.42:739][ 0]LogLinker: Warning: Can’t find file for asset ‘/Script/FMODStudio’ while loading NULL.

I’m currently with the version 2.04 because of the information I found in this post Failed to load when trying to Play Standalone

Also, I’m trying to make a build for ps4 but also fails in windows so I don’t think that is a problem of the ps4 sdk. And in the editor is working

What version of UE4 are you using?
Are you able to test with the latest version of the FMOD integration?

I’m using 4.22.3, and yes im able to test with the last fmod integration.
In the end,I was able to make the sounds work in ps4 but the warning is still present every time that i make a build.

Can be a problem in the future ?