Can't package in Unreal 4.27 / Fmod 2.02

Hey everyone,
I am having a problem with FMOD when I try to package for Windows. Even though the banks load nicely, and everything seems to be working in editor. (Did the whole validation process twice, no issues what so ever !)
Packaging for W64 (shipping and dev) now triggers this error :

LogObj: Error: LoadConfig (/Script/FMODStudio.Default__FMODSettings): import failed for ContentBrowserPrefix in: /Game/FMOD/

My project is a code project and I am using fmod 2.02.03. I can’t seem to find anything that could trigger this error. Tested a few changes in the contentbrowserprefix inside defaultengine.ini. Nothing matters.
Complete reset of banks, intermediate and UE4 binaries didn’t solve it either.

Seems like the 4.27 integration is pretty fresh, and that bug might have dodged your attention.
My initial project was running perfectly fine on UE4.25 with fmod 2.01.07.

It looks like the required ContentBrowserPrefix has been modified in the latest update and this will affect anyone updating to 2.01.12 or 2.02.03.
I have found that changing the ContentBrowserPrefix line to ContentBrowserPrefix=FMOD or removing the line entirely in DefaultEngine.ini has allowed packaging to succeed.
Can you please give that a shot and let me know if that fixes it for you?

I’ve got the same issue in 4.26

Inside the defaultEngine.ini change the line for :


This fixes the packaging issue ! Although now that I can package, there are absolutely no sound when playing. As if the bank were not loading at all. (Banks are copied inside the correct folder Content\FMOD\Desktop)

here is what the logs are saying :

[2021.09.15-07.05.48:940][  0]LogFMOD: FFMODStudioModule startup
[2021.09.15-07.05.48:940][  0]LogFMOD: Lib path = '../../../BrokenPieces/Plugins/FMODStudio/Binaries'
[2021.09.15-07.05.48:940][  0]LogFMOD: FFMODStudioModule::LoadDll: Loading ../../../BrokenPieces/Plugins/FMODStudio/Binaries/Win64/fmodL.dll
[2021.09.15-07.05.49:045][  0]LogFMOD: FFMODStudioModule::LoadDll: Loading ../../../BrokenPieces/Plugins/FMODStudio/Binaries/Win64/fmodstudioL.dll
[2021.09.15-07.05.49:091][  0]LogFMOD: Error: Failed to load bank lookup
[2021.09.15-07.05.49:091][  0]LogFMOD: Error: Failed to load asset lookup
[2021.09.15-07.05.49:125][  0]LogFMOD: Default sample rate = 48000
[2021.09.15-07.05.49:125][  0]LogFMOD: System sample rate = 48000
[2021.09.15-07.05.49:125][  0]LogFMOD: Matching system sample rate 48000
[2021.09.15-07.05.49:147][  0]LogFMOD: Warning: Master bank ( not found.
[2021.09.15-07.05.49:147][  0]LogFMOD: Error: Bank lookup not loaded

I also came across this issue- if you got into project settings and search for “Additional Non-Asset Directories to Copy”, delete the existing array values and add a single entry, “/Game/FMOD”, then you should get sound back in packaged builds.

Hey Jeff,

Thanks you found it. Well almost (you mentionned the wrong category). So for people finding this post, and we know you will.

Make sure you have this line in defaultEngine.ini :


And inside DefaultGame.ini things regarding the packaging you should only have that (for fmod) :


And of course other platforms if this applies to you.

Cheers all !

Right, edited to the correct category- thanks for verifying!

Unfortunately, I still cannot get sound on oculus quest with 2.02.03 UE4.26. What exactly should I put in defaultengine.ini and gameengine.ini? The game is being tested on pc at the same time as well which now produces audio with our current setting, but quest is still silent.

Same goes in 4.27: applying the fix suggested here, it packages correctly, but it makes no sound.

It sounds like you have made the correct adjustments to Defaultengine.ini to for packaging to Windows. Are you getting anything in your Logs when running on the Quest?

Are you getting anything in the Logs?

Currently I am experiencing the same issue on PS5; it packages correctly but it makes no sound.


Here are some additional things to try:

  • Please confirm you have replaced the FMOD entries in the UE settings “Additional Non-Asset Directories to Copy” with “/Game/FMOD”
  • Check the status bar at the bottom of FMOD Studio to see if it says “missing assets”- if it does, click on it and it should resolve any missing assets
  • Validate your FMOD Studio project with File>Validate
  • Validate your UE project with Help>FMOD Validate
  • We have a new patch out, you can try installing it from our website and seeing if that fixes the issue

Otherwise, can you please send over a complete log with the logging level in the UE FMOD Settings set to LEVEL_LOG?

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I’ve installed the patch and now everything seems to work fine. Thank you very much