UE4 / FMOD Transitions

Hi guys

I’m new to FMOD and UE4 however I’ve been in the audio field for 14 years.

I’m trying out audio implementation inside UE4. I’m stuck somewhere with gunshots.

First, I’ve connected the sound to the animation blueprint properly, but it seems the rate of fire isn’t 1 to 1, I see 10 bullets going in the test game in UE4 but only hear for example 6 or 7 sounds. Footsteps have been linked to animation and that seems ok. How is rate of fire implemented? Even I set a loop for the gunshot to the exact time of the animation length but to no avail. Please let me know.

Another issue I’m stuck in is the ‘release’ of the gunshot. I did it properly in FMOD by triggering a condition to jump to a release marker once the parameter of the release is set to 1. I attached a link to a video and as you can see once I switch the release parameter from 0 to 1 it transitions properly to release. How can I implement the transition to release inside UE4 though?

Thanks I know this is basic stuff but oddly there’s very little information online. Does FMOD have an official training program from them or affiliates?

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0qqNIeP_Uc&feature=youtu.be

You’re not seeing the gun fire and hearing the gun shot 1:1 because they are not linked. They’re essentially running side-by-side. This can run into problems where the graphics might lag but the sound doesn’t and this can cause them to go out of sync.

Instead it would be better to have a oneshot (play and immediately release) of the gunshot event play at the same point in the animation the gun is firing, similar to how you have footsteps set up.

In regards to the loop conditions, you would play the event once the gun starts firing and set the parameter value to 1.0 once the gun has stopped firing (the player has stopped holding down the shoot button).

Thanks a lot for the info. Will try :slight_smile:

Might it be the use of a float for the parameter instead of an int?