AHDSR Transition not working in UE4

I’m working bare-bones to learn the ropes here. So I have two loop regions with two event sounds with proper sounds within. I have two markers appropriately named with transition regions in each loop that transition into each other. I have a parameter tied to each transition with the starting points in the appropriate spots to work the trigger.

Within FMOD Studio, this set up works. When the Param changes to a certain point, the sound fades to the appropriate marker. The event is added to the Bank and I send to build.

I set up UE4 to automatically play the event. I have a trigger (that only triggers once) that tells the event to set the parameter to 0.5 or even 1. The sound doesn’t blend, but Cuts to the next music without any sort of crossfade or blend. I used the FMOD Set Paramater node for this.

Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong? If it works correctly by the T in Studio, shouldn’t it work without much effort in UE4 with just a set param node?

That should work. To help track it down, once you build banks open up the FMOD Studio sandbox and drop the event in, and verify it works there. That is essentially the same as the game environment.

Also, you can record a FMOD Studio profiler session. To do that, run PIE and then connect via FMOD Studio. Open the profile window and record a session. If it demonstrates the problem, you can zip up the profile session from the menu and contact support@fmod.com with the info, and we can investigate it.