UE5.2.1 Source Build - Compile Errors

Hi All,

I’m trying to get FMod to compile in my project. I run UE 5.2.1 source engine build.

I have downloaded the 5.2 source files from Github but it errors with missing files *.flib and others. Can anybody shed some light on this? or indeed has anybody got this working in 5.2.1


The git repo only contains the source files, no libraries:

This repository contains the source code for the FMOD Studio Unreal integration, excluding any platforms that require a non-disclosure agreement (such as Xbox). Additionally, native binaries for all platforms have been removed and must be acquired from a built package. Developers can use this repository to track changes, report issues or submit modifications.
GitHub - fmod/fmod-for-unreal: FMOD Studio integration with Unreal.

You will need to manually add the libraries to the plugin:

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Thank you for this information, I have no successfully compiled this to my source build of 5.2.1 - Much appreciated.

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