FMOD plugin not working with unreal 5.4.2

I tried both Fmod 2.02.22 and 2.03.01, on the download page they are stated as for UE5.4 but I get this error message in Unreal 5.4.2.
If I don’t rebuild them the editor won’t open, but when I try to rebuild it fails and says “build from source manually”.
When will there be a new release that supports UE5.4 out of the box?

We are currently working towards getting the next version out, 2.02.23 & 2.03.02, which will use UE5.4.2 to build the plugin. Unfortunately I an unable to give an ETA at this point as it still needs to pass QA.

If you are able to compile it manually then that should get around this for now, also keep an eye on our github as this is where we can upload any changes or fixes between versions.