UE5 - Background music areas stop after 10-20 minutes

Hi everyone-
I’ve searched for similar issues, but none seem to quite capture my issue.

I’m creating a virtual theme park, and as such I need to have a bunch of individual speakers (about 330 in total) that are synchronized for each “land” for background music. I’m using a transceiver in FMOD, and that part is working wonderfully.

I’m noticing, however, that after 10-20 minutes or so, some audio sources stop entirely. If I continue, I believe that all sources gradually turn off.

I assume this is because too many are playing simultaneously, but I’m unsure if I should try to cull the Senders or the Receivers? Or if I’m just totally wrong on what the issue may be. I have each audio track set to loop in FMOD Studio, and infinite instances.

I currently have all the BGM within an FMOD Blueprint, saved in the same level. I was going to have a separate load/unload blueprint at the entrances of each land to deactivate the Receivers, but I wasn’t sure if that would help anything.

Really appreciate any help, and thanks!

Specs: PC / Windows 10 / Ryzen 3900x / GeForce RTX 3070


Try profiling a play session to help understand what is going on. To enable profiling you’ll have to turn on Live Update in your FMOD Plugin settings:

With the Unreal Editor running make sure the Live Update option is turned on. This is found along the bottom of your FMOD Studio Window:

Then open the Profiler window in FMOD Studio by clicking Window -> Profiler from the toolbar and recording a new session. This will provide valuable information about what is happening in the FMOD API.

Hope this helps!

Hi Connor-
Thanks for that.
I think the issue is actually quite a bit weirder than I expected. When I have a transceiver, the audio itself does not loop. I just never noticed it before because my shortest audio tracks are several minutes long, up to a half hour.

I have the track in the Send set to loop, and the Send and receive are set to persistent with infinite instances.

I created a separate non-transceiver event and the track looped without issue.

Are the events not looping in Studio as well or only in Unreal?
When I tested Transceivers with shorter audio and it would continue to loop for me. Could you test with shorter audio and see if the issue persists?