Stopping Event with FMOD Studio Event Emitter in Unity

Hi there, is there a way to stop a currently playing event with an FMOD Studio Event Emitter component in Unity if it wasn’t triggered by that emitter event?

Example: I am starting a looping sound with a 2d trigger collider using the FMOD Studio Event Emitter, then I want to stop that sound when the player walks into a separate trigger on a separate game object which would use the Stop Event call and im just selecting the same event from the drop down menu. Currently this doesn’t work, it just keeps playing the sound.

Is this possible or is there another way I should be doing this? Thanks!


Each Emitter only has reference to the Event Instance that it creates, this could be clearer and I have made a note to add this to our documentation. For more details, you can read FMOD Studio | FMOD Studio Concepts - Event. A solution might be getting a reference to the original emitter on the Stop Trigger and then calling Stop() via code (Unity Integration | Scripting API - Studio Event Emitter). Hope this helps.