Undo doesn't undo just the last operation

Using FMOD 2.01.08 on Windows. I recently migrated my projects from 1.08.18 so I’m still learning about all the changes on 2.01.

Editing automation curves on a track by moving points and undoing that operation seems to undo not just the latest movement, but the previous one too, unless I save between moves (which I don’t want to do!). For example, move a volume point, then move a pitch point. CTRL+Z, both the pitch and volume are reset to their previous state. Here’s a video: https://youtu.be/E6MB_JdYl2k

Is this by design? This was not a problem with 1.x, and it’s a productivity killer, because it impedes making several changes to try adjustments without saving.


This is not by design and unfortunately I have not been able to reproduce this issue. Adjusting two separate automation points and then undo-ing will undo only the last touched automation point.

Are you able to run a validation on the project (File > Validate Project) and see if there’s any errors being thrown?

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It’s weird. Somehow at one point it stopped happening, and then I updated to 2.01.09 which doesn’t seem to have the bug so far. Will report back if I find it, this time with repro steps. Thanks.