Unity Bolt - Support

Is FMOD planning on adding support for bolt visual scripting seeing as Unity is planning on making it a built-in feature?

Visual scripting I find is very quick and implementing FMOD audio with it would be a great addon to FMOD.

Does anybody else think this would be cool?

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Yes, we have “bolt” or more generically Unity Visual Scripting as a key item we think would be a great fit for our integration. The task for implementing it has not been scheduled as yet so I cannot share any details on when we expect it will land. As a guess I would say likely not this year, while we have a big focus on Unity at the moment we are focusing first on improving stability and the technical foundation of our integration. In the coming months we hope to transition to focusing on bigger features such as visual scripting.


Support for one of the visual scripting solutions out there would be fantastic news.

Regarding Bolt though, is it possible that an official integration is not necessary?: https://www.reddit.com/r/Unity3D/comments/i1p84p/using_bolt_with_fmod/

As a non-coder, am I going to run into issues trying to do 100% of the FMOD implementation with Bolt?

Thanks for that link. I tried out what that guy posted and yea bolt automatically generates nodes based on the FMOD Api. I gotta say that’s a pretty neat feature. I’m curious if having a more official version would be better. I am yet to try the auto-generated nodes on a project so there might be some issues. If I find any I’ll post here.

In terms of using it on a project to Implement audio I would say if the team your working with is using bolt then yea using the FMOD Units could work pretty well I reckon. But if the team is using C#, then its probably best to just use C# otherwise you’d just be installing bolt just for audio and it might be a pain in the ass to connect to logic made by the devs.

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Any luck with Bolt yet? Are you able to load one of the FMOD nodes that Bolt generated? If so, when you add a Play () node, are you able to select an FMOD event? For me, even though an FMOD project is loaded in Unity correctly (can play events and adjust parameters in the FMOD Event Browser), only “none” shows up in the node’s asset list.

Yea so far I have only been able to get Playoneshot to work. I am pretty sure the play node you are using comes from the FMOD Event emitter script which is a script that is used to play events. It is like a pre-made fmod script for you. So I don’t think it’s possible to use that to play an event.

You need to be able to make an EventInstance variable how you can with a C# script but that exists within the FMOD.STUDIO namespace, which isn’t exposed to FMOD.

So yea I think for full functionality we gonna need to wait for an official release from FMOD.

How do you find that node? I seem to not have Playoneshot available. Which Unity/Bolt/FMOD API versions are you using?