Unity Debug Overlay hide problem

Hello. I have some issues.
Unity 2021.1.5 Fmod plugin 2.01.09
Debug Overlay still visible in Editor if I choose development build only and development build settings are off.

Does the same happen if you select the “Default” platform and change the Debug Overlay setting there?

Yes. It happens with Disabled and Development Build Only options in the Default platform too.
Debug overlay still visible.

I’ve not been able to replicate this on our end. I’ve tried using Unity 2019.4 and 2020.2 and FMOD 2.01 and FMOD 2.02.

I using Unity 2021.1.5 and FMOD plugin 2.01.09

I reproduced the issue by creating a new project and added a plugin. Unity 2021.1.6f1 Fmod plugin 2.01.09
Here project google drive link FmodDebugOverlay.zip - Google Drive

If you click Editor Play in Sample Scene you will see debug overlay but in settings selected option Development Build Only and Development Build checker is off in Player Settings.

Expected Result: debug window is hidden in editor

Can I confirm that you have an actual FMOD Studio event instance created and playing?

I didn’t fully understand your question, but yes, Fmod Unity Instances are playing. The problem only with Overlay.

That is odd. The only time the overlay is enabled but doesn’t display is when there are no event instances present in the scene. For the opposite to happen is even stranger. I also have not been able to replicate the issue with your provided project - the overlay setting in FMOD settings are respected when entering PIE mode or built games.

Could you please attach a Visual Studio project to your Unity project and place a breakpoint at line 525 of the RuntimeManager.cs file? This should show you whether overlay is enabled or not at the time of going into PIE mode.

I recorded the video https://youtu.be/ZXfoi3qNk3M

Overlay need show only if selected “Development Build the Only” option and Player Settings “Development Build” checker on Or if debug overlay “Enabled”.

I do not find Debug.isDebugBuild in the code.

My mistake - I was under the assumption you were building a game that would always display the debug overlay. The Unity PIE mode is always considered to be a development build. If you don’t need it then you can just hide it in the FMOD settings.

I can hide the window but it seems illogical if there is exist Development Build Only option for Editor platform.

PIE mode is always considered development build by Unity, so if you don’t need if you can turn it off in the settings. I agree that having “Development Build” as an option is a bit confusing, so I’ll create a suggestion in our tracker to change that in a future update.

Thanks, Richard. Have a nice day