Unity editor spams "Device was unplugged!" all the time my bluetooth headset got lost

[FMOD] Output WASAPI::mixer read : GetCurrent Padding returned 0x88890004. Device was unplugged!

It is recommended that you utilize the device list changing callback to handle situations like this. It isn’t done automatically on the FMOD side. Take a look into our documentation for more information on how to handle this.


@richard_simms, is the behavior that you described going to happen exactly when there are zero audio devices present? I can imagine that being a special case, but otherwise I’d hope to see the behavior that is described in the documentation that you linked to:

“If the device that is being played on is removed (such as a USB audio device), it will automatically jump to the device considered next most important (ie on Windows, it would be the new ‘default’ device).”


Yes, it should. As long as your output type can detect devices, if a change is detected in the list of available devices, regardless of if this list is 0 or more, then it should automatically switch.