Fmod Unity Bug: Crash when plug in/out headset when override callback

I’m having this issue where I get an error when unplugging my headset which pops up in development builds. I’m wondering why its an error when it seems like it should be a warning at best?

So I browse google and find some answers where I override the core system callback for device list changed .I do this in Start of a simple script on an object in the scene. But when I do that, unplugging (and plugging in) my headset causes the editor to crash.

Another option is to change the log setting to Warning, but I DO want to receive other error logs so that’s a no-go.

Any advice on how to solve either of these issues? Thanks in advance!

Fmod plugin 2.02
Unity 2022.3.12 LTS


So that I can try to reproduce the issue on my end, can I get you to provide the code you’re using to override the device list changed callback, as well as your exact FMOD minor version number (i.e. 2.02.xx)?