[FMOD] Output WASAPI::mixer read : GetCurrent Padding returned 0x88890004. Device was unplugged!

I got this on my development built
[FMOD] Output WASAPI::mixer read : GetCurrent Padding returned 0x88890004. Device was unplugged!

this happened when I unplugged USB cable connector of my audio interface.
actually sound keep working by using internal soundcard. but there was an error notification.
How to fix this issue…?

What is the issue you want to fix? You are saying that you unplugged a device and you get a message about a device being unplugged.

May I ask just to double-check it? Is it an error, or just a warning/output? Because it’s show red, it looks like an error.
Sorry, I mean, is it a problem that I should handle in any way? If yes, how? There’s docs or anything on that?

What version of FMOD are you using and what operating system is this occurring on?

Hi there!
FMOD 1.10.09, game running on a Windows 10 machine.

This message isn’t anything to worry about, you can ignore it.

i’m getting this regularly in my Unity editor. Once it starts happening, I can’t stop it, and if i try to close unity, it often hangs. Why doesn’t FMOD just recognize that a device has been unplugged, and stop poking it?

What version of FMOD are you using?


FMOD’s output should change output when the OS device list changes, are you able to provide the output log from when this occurs?

i think i can replicate it, haven’t checked, but i think just having unity run the project…then stop…then sleep the computer…then wake up the computer, and i get a bunch of those errors.

The real question is…is there anyway to not have the mixerThread running…or a button to restart/shut it down in editor mode. The problem is even trying to close the editor normally, it hangs because something in the fmod dll is not letting go. So i end up having to kill the process.

I don’t have any OS device change logs.

Here are FMOD related logs at and before this non stop error:

I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue as you have described- are you still using FMOD 2.00.08?
Usually this error is supposed to appear just once when a device is unplugged and then continue execution with the next available device, and if there are no more devices it should resort to no sound mode. Instead it sounds like you’ve somehow hit some inifinite recursion if it’s locking you out of the Editor.
Can you please set your Logging Level to “LOG” in the FMOD Unity Integration settings and send through the output when the issue occurs?