[Unity/FMOD] 3D Object adding layer to 2D Music with shared timeline

I have a music event (with no spatialization, just background music), but also I want my game object to sometimes emit an event/parameter that changes the background music by adding another layer on top of it WITH spatialization (the object has position). What’s the best way to achieve that?
should the object emit additional event and somehow connect it to the music event?
or should the music event be somehow made aware of the object (along with a parameter change)?
Both events need to share the same timeline as it would be an additional harmonic layer.
I’m not sure what’s the correct strategy on it


An option may be using an FMOD Engine | Event Effects Reference - Transceiver. You could add a Transmitter to the BGM event to a spatialized event with a Reciever that can play whenever you require spatialized sound.

This would also ensure that they have the same timeline as you would just be sending the signal from the BGM event.

Hope this hepls!

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