Parameter Changes Don't Trigger Anything

I’m trying to get some adaptive music working.

I’ve set up transitions to move from an intro, to a verse of a music track. The aim is to have the player trigger the transition by walking into a box, as in the Viking Village tutorial 4/5.

However, when the player enters the box I’ve made, the parameter in the event emitter does not change. Furthermore, even when I set the initial parameter to trigger the transition to the verse, it plays the intro. I have followed the instructions in the Viking Village tutorial exactly, although I’m actually using The John Lemon’s Haunted 3D Jaunt tutorial:

I’m new to both Unity and FMOD, so there may be a simple fix to this - I’m pretty stumped and would appreciate any guidance from more experienced users.


What version of the FMOD Unity Integration are you using?
Are you getting any errors or warnings in the console?