Unity keeps importing assets every fifth second


We started encountering a weird problem suddenly, but only on Mac (MacOs 11.6.6)

Every time I open Unity, an importing screen pops up, imports streaming/assets/master.bank
This happens around each fifth second, freezing Unity for a bit, before going back. The game is fully playable, I hear the audio from FMOD, and everything else seems to be working. However, this makes it so hard to use Unity.

We have tried to delete and re-install Unity, FMOD, re-clone the project. Still same error.

We use Unity 2021.3.0f1 and FMOD 2.00.10

Have any others encountered this before? How could we fix this?

Thank you

Hey @Haakond! I would perhaps try deleting all the FMOD banks in your StreamingAssets folder as you don’t need those items to run the game in the editor. (They’ll get put back when you build) Also check your ignore file for source control and make sure the right FMOD stuff is in there. I had an adjacent issue and this helped. Hope you get it sorted!

Hey @vashima ! Thanks for the reply.
I tried to delete the banks in StreamingAssets. That didn’t work. It got reimported automatically, but I guess that is on purpose.
We don’t use Source Control on this project, so it is not connected. But should I connect? I thought that was used when sharing the project remotely. We use another git for sharing the project

Hey @Haakond, no problem. If you are using git, that will do the trick for sure. Do you have the FMOD ignore lines in your gitignore file? I would double check that.

# Never ignore DLLs in the FMOD subfolder.

# Don't ignore images and gizmos used by FMOD in the Unity Editor.
!/[Aa]ssets/Editor Default Resources/FMOD/*
# Ignore the Cache folder since it is updated locally.
# Ignore bank files in the StreamingAssets folder.
# If the source bank files are kept outside of the StreamingAssets folder then these can be ignored.
# Log files can be ignored.