Unity integration 2.02 not in Unity Asset Store?

Hi! I’m just starting out so I grabbed the Unity integration from there Unity Asset Store, but noticed that only version 2.01.11 is available there, whereas you can get 2.02 from https://fmod.com/download#unityintegration

That’s fine, but just a bit disconcerting when you are starting out; is this normal? I’m using 2020 LTS, does that mean the latest FMOD integration is not compatible?

Yes, it’s normal. Both the FMOD 2.01 and 2.02 branches are compatible with Unity 2020 LTS.

Thank you Andrew; I do want to reiterate that it would be great to get the latest version when using the Unity Asset Store, as this is what customers would expect.

On the same day we released 2.02.03 on our website we also submitted it to Unity for verification. Once they have completed their process it will appear on the Unity Asset Store. This process can take a couple of weeks and we’re only able to submit every second version but the updates will appear in time.

Got it, thank you. It makes sense and I suspected that might be the case, it’s just surprising it takes so long. Perhaps this could be mentioned somewhere in the download page/documentation (or even in the documentation of the plug-in), as there could be significant differences between updates.