Unity plugin Integration 2.0

I was trying to integrate the new plugin in my Unity project. My previous version of the FMOD plugin was the legacy 1.07.01. I followed the migration guide (http://www.fmod.org/documentation/#content/generated/engine_new_unity/migration.html) but the FMOD menu has disappeared from the bar and i have compile errors in every script.

I notice that this morning i couldn’t download the Integration 2.0 plugin due to permission issues, and this had resolved by itself after a few hours. I’m wondering if there are still problems with this plugin that don’t depend on us…

I was also wondering if you resolved compatibility problems with the oculus spatializer plugin with this update…

Every tip, trick or explanation is welcomed.
Thank you in advance,

You have to fix all compile errors in your own script before you will see the FMOD menu. If you have any compile errors in FMOD scripts post them.

Please be aware the migration is not 100% perfect, depending on the amount of custom usage of the old integration you have. Please have a good reason for migrating an in-progress project. You can still download updated versions of the legacy plugin.

There have been no reported issue with the occulus spatializer plugin, so we can’t fix issues we don’t know about.

Thank you for your answer,
I have been able to integrate the Integration 2.0 plugin with unity, but i still have problem with banks containing OSP plugin and/or 3Dception plugin. I couldn’t be able to find a specific integration guide, and i followed the standard rules, but on play unity always gives me this error:
“SystemNotInitializedException: FMOD Studio initialization failed : Loading Bank ‘C:/Users/Pelle/Documents/FMOD Studio/testIntegration2\Build\Desktop/Master Bank.bank’ : ERR_PLUGIN_MISSING : A requested output, dsp unit type or codec was not available.
FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.Initialiase (Boolean forceNoNetwork) (at Assets/Plugins/FMOD/RuntimeManager.cs:184)
FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.get_Instance () (at Assets/Plugins/FMOD/RuntimeManager.cs:32)”
Do you think I’m missing something? I must wait Oculus and TwoBigEars to release a update of their plugin?

Your support is really appreciated,

1.07.04 should out this week or next. It will fix the plugin issues. It will also add an OSP howto page in the documentation.

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