Unity, Trouble setting value for parameter in FMOD event from Unity Script

Hi, I’m new to using both Unity and FMOD, I’m a sound designer and iI want to expand my skills in sound integration in games.

Long story short, I was following the tutorial on the Survival Shooter (Audio for Unity 5: Survival Shooter (1/5) - Up and Running - YouTube) and I got stuck in the moment where I have to set the Parameter Health in FMOD based on the currentHealth variable in the script.

Not only I can’t manage to set the parameter value, but I can’t trigger the event either.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine.SceneManagement;
using FMOD.Studio;
using System;

namespace CompleteProject
    public class PlayerHealth : MonoBehaviour



        public int startingHealth = 100;                            // The amount of health the player starts the game with.
        public int currentHealth;                                   // The current health the player has.
        public Slider healthSlider;                                 // Reference to the UI's health bar.
        public Image damageImage;                                   // Reference to an image to flash on the screen on being hurt.
        public float flashSpeed = 5f;                               // The speed the damageImage will fade at.
        public Color flashColour = new Color(1f, 0f, 0f, 0.1f);     // The colour the damageImage is set to, to flash.

        Animator anim;                                              // Reference to the Animator component.
        PlayerMovement playerMovement;                              // Reference to the player's movement.
        PlayerShooting playerShooting;                              // Reference to the PlayerShooting script.
        bool isDead;                                                // Whether the player is dead.
        bool damaged;                                               // True when the player gets damaged.
        bool playerStateStartCheck;

        // set instance variables
        public string PlayerStateEvent = "event:/SFX/Player/Player_Heartbeat";
        FMOD.Studio.EventInstance playerState;
        FMOD.Studio.PARAMETER_ID healthParameterId;

        void Awake ()

            // Setting up the references.
            anim = GetComponent <Animator> ();
            playerMovement = GetComponent <PlayerMovement> ();
            playerShooting = GetComponentInChildren <PlayerShooting> ();

            // Set the initial health of the player.
            currentHealth = startingHealth;

            playerStateStartCheck = false;

        void Start()
            // initialise instances
            playerState = FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.CreateInstance(PlayerStateEvent);

            FMOD.Studio.EventDescription healthEventDescription;
            playerState.getDescription(out healthEventDescription);
            FMOD.Studio.PARAMETER_DESCRIPTION healthParameterDescription;
            healthEventDescription.getParameterDescriptionByName("Health", out healthParameterDescription);
            healthParameterId = healthParameterDescription.id;


        void Update ()

            // If the player has just been damaged...
                // ... set the colour of the damageImage to the flash colour.
                damageImage.color = flashColour;
                playerState.setParameterByID(healthParameterId, (float)currentHealth);
            // Otherwise...
                // ... transition the colour back to clear.
                damageImage.color = Color.Lerp (damageImage.color, Color.clear, flashSpeed * Time.deltaTime);


            //CALL HEARTBEAT 
            if (currentHealth <= 50 && !isDead && !playerStateStartCheck)
                //FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.PlayOneShot("event:/SFX/Player/Player_Heartbeat", GetComponent<Transform>().position);

                playerStateStartCheck = true;

            // Reset the damaged flag.
            damaged = false;


        public void TakeDamage (int amount)
            // Set the damaged flag so the screen will flash.
            damaged = true;

            // Reduce the current health by the damage amount.
            currentHealth -= amount;

            // Set the health bar's value to the current health.
            healthSlider.value = currentHealth;

            // Play the hurt sound effect.  FMOD HERE
            FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.PlayOneShot("event:/SFX/Player/Player_Hurt", GetComponent<Transform>().position);

            playerState.setParameterByName("Health", currentHealth);
            // If the player has lost all it's health and the death flag hasn't been set yet...
            if (currentHealth <= 0 && !isDead)
                // ... it should die.
                Death ();

        void Death ()
            // Set the death flag so this function won't be called again.
            isDead = true;


            // Turn off any remaining shooting effects.
            playerShooting.DisableEffects ();

            // Tell the animator that the player is dead.
            anim.SetTrigger ("Die");

            // Set the audiosource to play the death clip and play it (this will stop the hurt sound from playing). FMOD HERE
            FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.PlayOneShot("event:/SFX/Player/Player_Death", GetComponent<Transform>().position);

            // Turn off the movement and shooting scripts.
            playerMovement.enabled = false;
            playerShooting.enabled = false;


        public void RestartLevel ()
            // Reload the level that is currently loaded.
            SceneManager.LoadScene (0);

If you are not able to set the “Health” parameter then it is possibly because the TakeDamage() function does not get called. It will be worth to connect Visual Studio to Unity and to attach breakpoints to parts of your code (such as TakeDamage() to ensure the functions and variables are being called and set correctly.

Your script in isolation does appear fine, but it would be easier to debug if we had the entire project to look into as there are many moving parts in Unity. If you are still experiencing problems, please feel free to send the project over.

Thanks! I copied this script. And it works for local parameter, not for global.

If “Health” is a global parameter then that would explain the problem- you cannot set a global parameter from event setters such as EventInstance::setParameterByName or EventInstance::setParameterByID, and you likewise cannot set a local parameter using system setters such as System::setParameterByName and System::setParameterByID.
We will be adding in some warnings in a future release that will let you know if you tried to set a global parameter on an event or vice versa which should hopefully make this problem a little easier to diagnose.