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Good afternoon, everyone!
My team and I are currently using Unity’s timeline to control dialog events - what would be the best way to pass an audio table’s key to the FMOD Event Track for playback?

Currently I have our voice clips going through an Audio Table, and would like to use those in conjunction with the Unity Timeline.

The simplest way of controlling an audio table key from the Timeline would be to use a Signal Track. If you have a Signal Receiver on the game object handling your audio table key, you can use it to call methods from a script on that object from the timeline. All you have to do is create corresponding Signals for each function, place those Signals on a Signal Track, and specify the behaviour of the Receiver when it receives the Signal.

However, depending on the complexity of your dialogue using Signals may be restrictive, as a single Signal can only be used to trigger a single reaction. If that is the case, you may want to look into using an Animator to handle setting the audio table key, and placing that Animator on an Animation Track on your timline. Unlike Signals, Animation Events can be used to call a method and pass arguments on a per-event basis, and don’t require you to create individual Signal objects in your asset structure.

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Good afternoon Louis - my apologies on such a delayed response.

Your help lead to me finding the solution I needed - Thank you so much for responding! :grin:

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