Unreal 4.27 Warnings when making builds

When building our project we get a ton of FMOD warnings. It gives warnings for any event/bank/etc that is stored in a Data Table, Map or Array. The sounds still work but we are getting warnings that it can’t find the .uasset files. Our project is set up so we build our Bank files from FMOD, then push those banks to source control, and allow Unreal to generate the FMOD content on each machine.

This warning here is related to events saved in a data table:

LogInit: Display: LogUObjectGlobals: Warning: [AssetLog] D:\user\workspace<GameName>-NewCD<GameName>\Content\User\S13\Blueprints\Music\S13Data_Music_Playlist_Void.uasset: Failed to load ‘/Game/FMOD/Events/Game_Events/Master/gm_global_void’: Can’t find file.

And here is one of the warnings related to events saved in maps in a blueprint:

LogInit: Display: LogUObjectGlobals: Warning: [AssetLog] D:\user\workspace<GameName>-NewCD<GameName>\Content\Core\BP_MBAudioGameInstance.uasset: Failed to load ‘/Game/FMOD/Events/Game_Events/Master/gm_building_chunk_create’: Can’t find file.

it does the same thing for bank.uasset files that are saved in an array and seemingly any of FMOD’s generated files.

Again, all these items do work when playing the build, so I’m assuming it’s looking for these items too early in the build process but is still finding them eventually.

We have things set up in the same way in another Unreal 5 project where we don’t have these issues.


What version of FMOD are you using? What platform are you packaging to when you see these warnings?