Unreal FMOD Folder copy - swap and sync


I have a weird question here. If I copy the whole folder of FMOD and replace an existing one integrated in Unreal (or Unity, doesnt matter), will everything be change perfectly and synced? Yes right? I mean, for the meantime, I have one FMOD project integrated in Unreal and I need to go travel with laptop. So can I work on the FMOD project copy (+ asset folder, etc…) on my laptop and then come back and just delete de integrated FMOD folder in unreal and copy the new one with the changes and everything should be fine? or will it give any sort of problems with the integration link .ueasset…?
I dont know if I explained myself correctly lol, hope you got it!

Thanks :slight_smile:


An issue I can see is if the names of events and or their position in the FMOD Project changes then it may cause linking issues. If you are just adding more events and changing the content of currently existing events but not the structure of the project, it should be okay. However, I would suggest keeping a backup of both projects. I also will note that this is not the recommended workflow. I will link to our documentation on Source Control which may provide an alternative option: Unreal Integration | User Guide - Source Control, FMOD Studio | Using Source Control.

Hope this helps!

Another question pops up here trying to understand how this works.

The only needed folders to sync everything within the unreal project from FMOD are the Build folder (where .banks are) and the .fsproject right? Rest of the folders like Metadata, Reverbs, Snapshots, Events… which contain only .uasset and .xml files are updated when we refresh the banks inside the unreal editor right?

So if I swap the .bank files in the Build folder and the .fsproject everything should be updated and working back in the project?

Thank you!


Yes, however, you may have to manually trigger the Reload Banks option in Unreal for everything to update.

I will again suggest using source control for your project, as it is better supported and is less likely to have unexpected behavior.

Hope this helps.