FMOD Event Folder Structure Changes = UE4 Cook Warnings

We are encountering an issue where if an event is moved within FMOD Studio to a new folder, the integration will not reflect the updated location. The engine reports the asset files as “Missing” and the issue is only detectable when the sounds do not play or they surface as Unreal 4 cook warnings.

For example, a common occurrence is if a sound designer splits an “Ambiences” folder into “Indoor Ambiences” and “Outdoor Ambiences” as more assets are created. The referenced events will not update in the engine causing a list of errors.

Do these all have to be updated manually? (It is very time consuming!)

Are there plans to address this in a future release?

Because of the way the integration stores assets using their path, that is a known issue. We explored several options for how to integrate FMOD assets in UE4 and we didn’t see any way to store the GUID rather than the string path while still keeping the functionality, and while not changing the engine.

We might be able to add functionality to the integration that finds missing references and helps fix them up, but there are several other higher priority tasks so I don’t have any promises there.

Hey Geoff,

Thank you for the prompt reply. I’m glad it’s a known issue.

Please consider it going forward, because as our project grows it will be more and more difficult to manage our assets within FMOD Studio.