Updating to plugin version 1.03.00


I’m starting this thread because I had some trouble getting my project updated from 1.02.09 to 1.03.00 and I thought this might help others dealing with these problems (as there’s still no documentation afaik). Some things I’ve encountered so far:

  • Syntax for playing events has changed - where previously PlayOneShot("/mySound") worked, now it must be PlayOneShot(“event:/mySound”).
  • Use FMOD.Studio.UnityUtil.ERRCHECK to perform FMOD error checks in your own audio scripts.
  • Loading banks now needs an additional parameter LOAD_BANK_FLAGS, so for example this works: SoundSystem.System.loadBankFile(fileName, LOAD_BANK_FLAGS.NORMAL, out bank));
  • Not really a change, just a reminder. Apparently you still need to manually add #define FMOD_LIVEUPDATE to FMOD_StudioSystem.cs to enable live editing in FMOD Studio.

Perhaps there could be a similar changelog to the Unity plugin as the actual FMOD Studio?