URGENT + FMOD Current Memory Problem

Hey guys,

1- I have a question concerning FMOD memory. Main menu FMOD current memory states 3 MB because of main menu music after that when you play game memory risen 21 mb. Everything is ok but when I go back to main menu memory is not clear, it’s hold 21. After that if you play again game it will rise 40 mb and again not clear when you go back to the main menu. How can I clear memory when not event plays.
2- I have two event what are play same time in the game. I want to play only one. How can I do that?

Are you able to share any logs you may have? Preferably showing any errors/logs before the first occurrence of the issue.

Hi, I’m having the same issue, and in addition to this, once I go in game again all the sounds stop and it start to crash Unity, I already updated FMOD to the 2.01.09 but still does it, I don’t always have errors logs, but I had some:
[FMOD] assert : assertion: ‘count() == 0’ failed
[FMOD] assert : assertion: ‘isEmpty()’ failed
and also some of this:
[FMOD] EventDescription::createInstance(2104736, 3551396) returned ERR_MEMORY for STUDIO_EVENTDESCRIPTION (0x201DA0).

Can you try changing the FMOD logging to level Log and share the entire output log when it crashes again, from either Unity - Manual: Log Files or the crash logs.