URGENT why is my snapshot constantly triggered, not only when the distance is in range?

the snapshot just constantly plays, Im just trying to get the reverb to only trigger at a certain distance from an area (in this case, under a bridge) ive attached some screenshots. Heres a imgur link of screenshots https://imgur.com/a/eBaV5Qm

I am quite new to this, your help is much much much appreciated!!


Looking at your third screenshot, I can see that the snapshot instrument stretches over the full length of your event’s Distance parameter. This means that it will be triggered at all possible values of that parameter.

If you want the snapshot to only be triggered at specific values of the Distance parameter, you should adjust the length of the snapshot instrument such that it only covers those values of the Distance parameter.

Also, I can’t tell from that screenshot whether your Distance parameter’s parameter type is “Built-in: Distance,” and not “User: Continuous.” Make sure it’s the former if you want the parameter value to update automatically based on your event instance’s 3D attributes.