Use GUID's instead of .strings banks


I want to replace all my .strings bank with the GUID.txt file that FMOD builds, but I keep getting bankLoadExeption errors in Unity when I want to load in the GUID file.
Does anyone know how to tell FMOD to look for events using GUIDs instead of the strings bank?



Could you please provide an example of how you use a GUID in your code so I can try to replicate the error?

So at first, I tried to load the GUIDs.txt in Unity in a bank loader, but the FMOD plugin didn’t support other file formats. So I renamed the GUIDs file to and the GUIDs renamed file did load in. But FMOD still does not find the events.

Do I have to write a “FMOD Studio GUID Loader” like the bank loader script in unity? or is there an other simpler way to change out the .strings bank.


Thanks for the explanation, I believe I know what the issue is. When building the GUID file from FMOD Studio instead of selecting the .txt format you’ll want to use the .cs instead. This will allow you to access the events from within other classes when the asset is imported to Unity. I’ll explain how:

From FMOD Studio on the Toolbar → Scripts → FMOD Examples → Export GUID Headers → C# File. This will create a .cs file in your FMOD Projects directory. You will then want to import this file into your Unity project.
From Unity right-clicking on the folder you want to import the file to then click the Import New Asset option and select the .cs file from your FMOD Project. Once the .cs file is imported you will be able to access its contents from any class in your project. Here is how:

	// Here I am creating and instance using the GUID from my .cs File 
	// FSPRO is the name space encapsulating the GUID classes 
	// Then follow it with what you are trying to access either a bank or an event 
	// Then the name of the event which GUID you want to retrieve  
	_instance = FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.CreateInstance(FSPRO.Event.Music_Level_02);
    // That is how you use the GUID file to access events

Hope this helps!

oh, yeah that makes more sense than just using a .txt file. Thanks for the quick response.

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