Swapping FMOD banks in pre-built game

My team and I need some slightly unusual, highly specific advice if anyone has any ideas!

We’ve been asked to license our game to a third party for use in teaching sound design, with a particular focus on fmod (but not Unity itself). What immediately springs to mind as an ideal solution is giving them a build of the game without the Unity project and allowing them to swap out the .bank files from the game’s StreamingAssets folder.

So the question is - how close to this ideal minimum can we get? Is it as simple as building from fmod studio and copying the resulting files over? If not, and the StreamingAssets folder has to be rebuilt in Unity, could it be built from another (empty apart from the fmod plugin) Unity project then copied over to the game? Or does the system require a full, monolithic build of the actual Unity project? Would the fmod studio project have to start from a skeleton of our actual project, to preserve guids etc?

Any help, experience or thoughts much appreciated :slight_smile:

The first step - can you just replace the .bank files in a built Unity game - will work.

The answer of needing to preserves GUIDs is “depends”.

In the legacy integration (or just the integration prior to 1.07.02), GUIDs will be used if you used if you use the Asset property of FMOD_StudioEventEmitter component. If you use the Path property of the component then it’s only paths.

If you use Integration v2 then it’s only paths.

The above doesn’t account for any custom script you’ve written for your game. If that uses GUIDs then you need to preserve GUIDs.

Thanks, that’s great info!