Using Unreal engine to change FMOD Parameter

Hi, So basically im doing a sonification project on Co2 emissions by each continent. I have Data sheets in unreal and, Get data row nodes, along with an integer that ive set up hooked up to Row Name and ++ nodes every 1 second so it should be adding +1 so the row and going down? But its just simply not working. The get row value is then set up to Set global parameter, hooked up to pitch, etc. But the row value is just not changing! Any Help?!?!?

Can you screenshot the part where you concatenate the row name with the integer?

Yeah for sure!
Here it is.

And the part with the ++? (or the whole event graph)

Heres the ++

Then the sequencer is hooked up to all the Continent music parameters i want to change real time.

So is the bug in UE or in FMOD in your opinion?

Hmmmm, im really not sure, im not too experienced in Unreal & FMOD, im a student and this is for my project due in two week (Panicking) aha.

But, if i change the integer manually, to another year then play, the parameters will change correctly. So maybe that means its a UE problem.

I don’t have the entire event graph, but I guess the problem is that the ++ increments the variable, but the “Row Name” variable you’re using in the first screenshot is called and stored with it’s default value, before any ++ has applied. Maybe try to do that another way, or check the get uses the correctly updated value.

So, ive changed the blueprint abit, so the row name prints in the print string, and it is changing correctly. But the sounds are still not changing, Im not sure if this is because its a continous sound playing or it has to be a short sound? or something completely different…

You don’t get it. I’m talking about this one:

There’s a chance this get is called before any ++ and stay stored in memory with the default value. Especially since you’re apparently making this call at “begin play”. Make sure this get call is redone every time the ++ has occurred.

i Changed it:

the print string displays the value changing but parameters are still not being affected


It apparently just required a delay? to reset the out row values i guess? ugh

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Remove all those Delays, they don’t fix anything. From the screenshots, it’s apparent that the nodes you are using to set the FMOD parameters in the BeginPlay event are executed only once. They should be moved in the EveryYear node instead, so that the parameters are re-updated each time the counter is incremented.
And, please, do yourself a favor and stop using the Sequence node that way. It hurts.