Visualizing event names and positions in editor


I am looking for a way to verify 3d positioning of sounds within my game while playing it and was wondering if any had built a tool for it?

Ideally when a sound is played a marker would appear at the set 3d position in the game with the ID of the event on it. Once the sound has stopped the marker and name would disappear. That way I could verify position, event ID and that sounds are starting / stopping at appropriate times.


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You could add

        FMOD.ATTRIBUTES_3D attributes;
        Vector3 instanceVector;

        if (studioEmitter.IsPlaying())
            studioEmitter.EventInstance.get3DAttributes(out attributes);
            instanceVector = new Vector3(attributes.position.x, attributes.position.y, attributes.position.z);
            Handles.Label(instanceVector, studioEmitter.Event);

to StudioEventEmitterGizmoDrawer.cs as a very quick way to display the Event path at the right position for StudioEventEmitter components. Haven’t tested it thoroughly and it’s probably not the best solution, but works for me right now.