Voice gets inactive even inside Max Distance

I have a 3D event of which Min Max Distances are 15.0 and 175.0. Today I realized that the event voice gets inactive when its distance goes beyond 132.0, which is still lower than the max distance. There shouldn’t be any other factors to deactivate voices than distance, so I wonder why the voice becomes inactive at the specific distance which is lower than the max distance.

Does the event only use one voice? And when you say this voice “gets inactive,” do you mean that it is virtualized, culled, or inaudible?

What attenuation mode does your event use?

Hi Joseph,
Thanks for your reply. This event is used only one voice in the game so it shouldn’t be virtualized. It gets inaudible (because it’s not as far as Max Distance, it sounds sudden cutoff) and from Profiler, it seems “deactivated”. This event uses linear squared roll off mode.
Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 10.53.09 AM

In that case, I’m afraid we’ll need more information about your project in order to determine why this is happening. Are you able to upload a copy of your project for us to inspect?

Hi Joseph,
To confirm, are you talking about the Fmod project file or the game project file? In either case, can we move to email basis communication?

The FMOD project file.

Of course! Our records indicate that you have a support agreement with us, so just e-mail support@fmod.com and include a link to this forum thread, and the support tickets will be automatically merged.

Thank you. I’m gonna reach out to the support email.