Volume automations - music controlling sfx volume

Hello everyone,

We are currently working on a project, where we need to control ambient volume with music fader.
Let me explain it: In our game, music is priority number one. It is very loud so ambient should also be set very loud. Hovewer, if the player set music volume lower, ambient noise is very loud.
So my question is: is there way or an automation by which ambient fader will recieve data about music fader and when the music fader get´s lower, ambient fader will also.


There are a number of different ways in which you could achieve this behaviour, but the easiest is probably to create a VCA, assign both the ambient bus and the music bus to that VCA, then have your in-game music volume slider set the value of the VCA instead of the the music bus’ fader.

Does that suit your project’s needs?