Volume control for whole game

Hey there,
I would like to lower the volume of my whole game - is there something like a master bus to do this? If not, how can I achieve it?
Thank you very much for your attention.

You’ll find the master bus in the mixer window, on the right.

@ghostofthemovie welcome!
I definitely wouldn’t lower the master out. From a technical stance you’ll want to leave it right where it’s at and be more concerned about the gain staging throughout the rest of your project. If your game is too loud, the concern is that your master bus may be clipping or close to it, and that your mixing approach may lead to other pitfalls. The short answer is to lower all your busses uniformly.

This may take a bit of work if you’ve got any Overriding snapshots on any of those channels’ faders (in which case you’ll need to change each snapshot by the same amount you’re changing your busses), but if you have no overriding snapshots, you’re done. If any busses are in the red this is another sign your gain staging needs work throughout your project, but if they are in the red don’t worry too much, they’re not clipping. Clip distortion will only happen if your master bus goes above -0 dB.

If you feel like your game is louder than other games on the platform, you may be mixing with your monitors too soft, causing you to mix loudly, killing your headroom, and potentially leaving you with a mix that’s squashed and not dynamic. If you do only lower the master bus, its not a huge deal, as it will still give you back that headroom you lost from mixing too loud, meaning that it will not clip anymore. But if you ask a mix engineer, this is not best practice for many reasons including some that I mentioned.