Can not hear sounds with FMOD Listener.

G’day guys, I’m having an issue with the FMOD listener. I’ve added sounds to our game using FMOD however the Listener we’re supposed to use is not hearing the sounds. The Unity Audio Listener works playing the FMOD events. Now, the volume in the Debug window in the top left corner is at -80.00db which I’m pretty sure is the reason why I can’t hear anything playing. But I haven’t been able to find anywhere, where I can change this parameter. Why is it at -80 db and how do I fix it?

That is simply displaying a meter of the master bus, not a gain level. Given the real channel count is 0 I’d say you cant hear anything because you’re not actually playing any events.

I’d check the Unity console for any error messages.

Thanks for the reply. You are correct. I dropped a sound directly into the scene and I can hear it. I’m going to start looking into why my scripts are not loading in the events to play when they should be.

The Volume field of the debug window is a the metering level of the master bus, not a gain level. -80db means there is no signal.

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So, I fixed the issue not long after Nicholas’ reply. What was happening was I was assigning the audio event to trigger but I was not telling it where it needs to trigger. I talk about it here in my team’s journal post and give an example of what you should do.
I hope this helps.