WARNING AsyncCommandBuffer::gameWriteFull

My steps:

  1. I played in game with Fmod studio

  2. I got call to my phone (or used Siri)

  3. I returned to game

  4. my sound didn’t playing

  5. after 5 sec i got warning

FMOD: AsyncCommandBuffer::gameWriteFull : WARNING. Flushing async studio command buffer due to full size

  1. my game was stopped because mine thread is waiting something

enter image description here
enter image description here

define FMOD_VERSION 0x00010306

Please help

it doesn’t work too if I use code from example from

If you take a look at the FMOD CHM documentation for iOS, in the ‘Basic Information’ section there is mention of ‘Handling Interruptions’. It talks about making use of the System::mixerSuspend / System::mixerResume APIs to recover from this situation.

You are getting command buffer warnings because the mixer isn’t running and commands are filling up the buffer.