WebGL issue when loading banks

Hey all! This is my first post, feel free to correct me if I’ve posted in the wrong place.

I am running into an issue when I host my FMOD powered Unity game, on Unity Play:

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This is a development build, and you can experience the issue immediately upon launching. I load all banks first thing when you play the game. This works on itch[dot]io, my gitlab pages, and when I host the game locally (examples below):

h t t p s : / / dfa-studios . gitlab . io / lego-garage-racing /
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I couldn’t find anyone else experiencing this issue through google searching.

I am using Unity 2019.4.3f1, fmod studio 2.01.05 (Build #112138), and the integration is V 2.01.07

All in the same browser, this build works on all sites except Unity. Unity and Itch[dot]io were uploaded as zip files with whatever the standard compression settings are. The banks are encoded as Compressed Vorbis, with 37% quality, at a 48Khz sample rate.

Here is the error:
BankLoadException: [FMOD] Could not load bank 'Vehicles.bank' : ERR_FORMAT : Unsupported file or audio format.

A bit deeper, I have this error per bank as well:
[FMOD] assert : assertion: 'mRiffChunk.mType == ChunkType_Riff && mRiffChunk.mID == id' failed

If I am missing any details that could help track this bug down, please let me know! The build is there for anyone who needs more information,

Also, I don’t have much wiggle-room when it comes to compression. The unity play build is a unity development build, and therefore it’s very stripped down otherwise it would be well over the 100mb file size limit. As far as I know, Streaming Assets aren’t compressed by Unity. If that’s the case, the audio is only compressed when exporting the bank, and by the zip format. But the itch[dot]io accepted the same zip file and works correctly,

Sorry for the long read! Any help, is much appreciated!
David (ARPP3)

Unfortunately, without knowing the inner workings of both your game and the Unity Play website, it’s hard for us to determine the precise cause of this issue.

That being said, the error messages you reported are consistent with the game’s bank files being somehow corrupted. If so, you may be able to fix the issue simply by re-building the banks and then re-uploading a new version of your game with the rebuilt banks to Unity Play.

One possible cause of this kind of corruption is GIT Large File Storage version 2.7.1, which would corrupt all FMOD Studio banks in the process of pulling them from the repository. If you are using this version of GIT LFS for the Unity Play version of your game, that could explain the issue you’re seeing. Alternatively, if this version of GIT LFS is used by the Unity Play website, that could also explain why this issue is occuring, and would mean that re-uploading your game to Unity Play will not fix the problem.

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Thanks Joseph! So, I haven’t used git LFS for this project, and the archive I uploaded to unity play is the same zip archive I used for itch[dot]io. I’m wondering if it’s an issue with how the unity play back-end decompressed the zip archive. I’ve been busy with work today. I’ll experiment tomorrow by uploading zip files with different compression options to see if that can fix it, and post back here if anything changes. Thank you!