WebGL & Unity: Buffer of 2048 + transceiver plugin = crash?

Using latest version of FMOD in Unity 2022.2.12f1

I have a spatialised event with just a transceiver plugin on it set to transmit.

If I set the buffer size for webgl to 2048 then I get an instant crash when hitting play in Unity, and if I build then I get a javascript error when attempting to run it in browser. If the buffer is 1024 or below I don’t get the crash or build error anymore.

At the lower buffer sizes I’m noticing massive audio stuttering issues in webl when this event is included. Is there a known issue with using the transceiver plugin in webgl?

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention, this is not a known issue. I will notify our development team to look into further.

Currently, there isn’t a workaround, but if there is any progress I will let you know.

Thanks again.