Event and Bank

I have just first use Fmod Studio,so I have some questions:

  1. What is event and bank?
    2.And what’s the relationship between them?
    3.If a bank can contain more than one event?

thank you

Hello Doo,

An event is an instanceable unit of sound content that can be triggered, controlled and stopped from game code. Everything that produces a sound in a game should have a corresponding event.

A bank is a collection of events from your FMOD Studio project, formatted and compressed for use in your game. Banks allow you to choose which content is loaded into memory at any given time.

A bank can contain as many events as you need. Keep in mind that a bank must be loaded into memory, so banks that contain lots of events will take up more memory.


Thanks a lot

Hi,is there any free books about how to use FMOD Studio except the offical user manual,I just want to learn to use it fastly.

Hi Doo,

We have some tutorials on our YouTube account:

If you’re unable to view YouTube then you can see these videos with subtitles on our QQ account:

In terms of reading, it would be best to look to the community and search for materials on the technique you’re looking to use. You can also read through our API documentation for more information.


Hi Doo,

We’ve just released some new FMOD Studio documentation online, if you want to give that a read.