StreamingAssets banks aren't the same as the banks built in FMOD Studio


Not sure if I don’t understand something or if it doesnt work as intended.

Here’s my problem:
Building banks does not build the streaming assets banks but the banks that are in my unity project assets folder set through “Built banks output directory” in FMOD Studio (…/Unity/Assets/Audio/Banks)

When I send the project to my collaborators which are not using FMOD Studio it works just fine (they use “Single Platform Build” and point to Assets/Audio/Banks/Desktop

When I use the project myself together with FMOD Studio (choosing in FMOD Unity Integration “project” and pointing to the .fspro - which is outside the unity directory) It seems the FMOD Unity Integration is using the banks in “Streaming Assets” that are in (…/Unity/Assets/StreamingAssets). In this folder ther is only the Master and Master.strings. Every other bank is not in the folder and thus unavailable.
I have “All” Selected on Load banks at Initialization - I also tried to use to load the banks manually - with Load “specified” banks - , but loading the (…/Unity/Assets/Audio/Banks) throws an error.

Am I understanding something wrong?

Thank you in advance for your answer.


  • Unity 2019.3.15f1
  • FMOD Studio Unity Integration 2.01.01
  • FMOD Studio 2.01.01 64-bit #109257
  • Win10

Seems pretty similar to this issue: FMOD Unity cannot find events or banks
But I didnt find any answer.

Still the banks are built in a specified folder inside unity.
Unity plugin can’t read them or find them at all.
When I create a new bank in unity plugin, it does create it as well into FMOD studio, then building banks works, but then when I get back to the unity plugin, the banks are not to found and I can’t use anything in there as my events are not shown.

Hope this helps understand the problem.

Plugin’s project build is not working with the optional bank output directory change.

I thought by reading the logs this was already sorted.

I probably need to browse and change the banks output directory each time I want to send the banks to my collaborators? - This building the banks where the .fspro (default option) is saved when I want to use the .fspro and sync within the unity project.

In short:

  • use .fspro and default location for banks output directory
  • use specific bank directory location and “single platform build”

Hope that helps.