When does Fmod Event use reverb?


I’m porting a fmod designer .fdp file and need to know which event will use reverb.

My logic is something like this:
When “Reverb Wet Level” > -30db then it has reverb.

But that’s seems not to be the whole story. Some ported events does now have reverb, but in my comparison app (which use fmod) it didn’t have.

Reverb Wet Level: 0db
Reverb Dry Level: 0db
Mode: 3D

Result: Ported = uses reverb. Comparison app = no reverb.

So which data determine that an event in fmod uses reverb?

Thx alot


Which version of FMOD Studio are you porting the FMOD Designer project to?

Hey Thuan,

my goal is to port Fmod Designer 4.32 to my own audio library. So I port all Fmod events to my own data and need to decide on which bus they will be played (default or reverb bus).

Sorry If I was imprecise.

Hi Siera,

The reverb effect also depends on the active Reverb Def. You can test this in FMOD Designer by playing the event in question. By default, you should see in the event view that the current Reverb Def is none and you wouldn’t hear any reverb effect when playing back the event. You can change the active Reverb Def by playing a Reverb Def via the Reverb Def window (Window > Reverb Def). Playing the event again you should hear the reverb effect being applied.

Yeah, for test purposes this is great, thanks.
But how does fmod decide to play an event with reverb? I don’t mean for testing/debugging with FmodDesinger.
Is this only controlled by “Reverb Wet level”, “Reverb Dry level” and the current reverb def? Or do I miss something.

Because I look at an event in xml (.fdp) form and need to decide if this event will have Reverb or not. And I need to know that when I convert the data, so not at runtime.

Yes, you can based that on the reverb wet level.

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