Whenever I try and import a large number of files fmod studio crashes?

So I am trying to create an environment with highly randomized events.

However whenever I try and import more that 15 files fmod studio crashes,

I thought I would try a workaround where I copy to the folder first, then drag and drop from the audio bin into fmod.


Does anybody else have this issue?

(windows 10 - 64bit)

Hi Elijah,

If the issue can be consistently reproduced, can you send us a crash report via our built in crash report when the issue occur? The crash report dialog should show up whenever Studio crashes.

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hi. thanks for your reply. actually when it crashes I don’t get a buttton to send a crash report. I’ll see if and how I can reproduce it

Not a problem. Let us know how you go. If you can consistently reproduce it and no crash report is showing up still, feel free to contact us at support@fmod.com.

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