Where is the plugin example code?

I’m trying to learn about plugin programming and am looking for example code. But, I’m not finding an official repository for code examples…

Here are some things mentioned in the documentation:

“It is recommended you follow along with our examples found in api/core/examples/plugins as they are fully implemented working effects you can use or base your code on”
(New users can only have 2 links - search FMOD documentation white-papers-dsp-plugin-api)

  • FMOD provides only 4 repositories on GitHub - none of them appear to be this cited example

“The example is located at api/lowlevel/examples/plugins/fmod_noise.cpp.”

  • I cannot find this example file.

“The ResonanceAudio plugins come bundled with FMOD for Unity, and can be used as a guide for adding other plugins.”
(New users can only have 2 links - search FMOD documentation plugins)

  • The compiled plugins are included, but not the source.

I have been able to find the copies of the plugin examples on GitHub accounts of other users. For example: FMODExample/fmod_gain.cpp at master · seandenigris/FMODExample · GitHub

  • Do these still work? How have they been modified? I’ll just have to find out…

REQUEST: An example C++ plugin project configured for cross platform building on the FMOD GitHub page.
BONUS POINTS: Include example JavaScript custom interface specifications.
EXTRA BONUS POINTS: A “plugin” category and/or tag for your forum topics.

“api/core/examples/plugins” is referring to a folder in the FMOD Programmers API. Download the FMOD Programmers API, install it somewhere and look in api/core/examples/plugins. You will find fmod_noise.cpp etc.

The ‘FMOD Programmers API’ definitely sounds like what I’m looking for.
Your GitHub page does not have this, or the examples project code.
Your Downloads page appears (to me) to offer nothing with that name, and the Studio installation and Unity plugin downloads did not provide anything like these files… but the FMOD Engine lists ‘FMOD Studio API and Core API’.

The ‘FMOD Engine’ download for Windows yields an installer named ‘fmodstudioapi20207win-installer’ which when launched includes an item ‘FMOD Studio API Windows’ that is described as ‘The FMOD Studio Programmers API and example files’.

In the default installation folder ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\FMOD SoundSystem\FMOD Studio API Windows’ I found the examples directory with a VisualStudio2019 project ready to go with all of the plugin code I have been hunting for :slight_smile:

P.S. For anyone else who happens on this post: Do NOT use the GitHub example that I linked above. It differs from the actual examples code, and will not compile in its present state.