Width of EventReference dropdown is constrained by parent container width

This is generally a minor inconvenience:

But it becomes a real pain when I’m working in this node editor (Node Graph Processor):

Incidentally the “open in browser” folder button doesn’t open from this view.

This is a real pain point for us. I wonder if anyone on the FMOD Unity team could suggest how I might start looking at getting this working?

Managed to get this at least usable, but the field still doesn’t suggest a width to the node drawer. At least I can guarantee that things will draw at a sensible size.

@@ -90,6 +90,8 @@ namespace FMODUnity
                     windowRect.xMin = pathRect.xMin;
                     windowRect.position = GUIUtility.GUIToScreenPoint(windowRect.position);
                     windowRect.height = openRect.height + 1;
+                    // EDIT: Add min width to popup.
+                    windowRect.width = Mathf.Max(windowRect.width, 300f);
                     eventBrowser.ShowAsDropDown(windowRect, new Vector2(windowRect.width, 400));

One issue I encounter is that the text field draws behind the search or project buttons, but blocks clicks, so I need to click on the rightmost pixel.

I think this was the cause of the broken buttons before, but they seem to work now!

Thank you for the suggestions, I have passed it onto our development team.

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