Empty/Freezing FMOD Event Browser in Unity

Hey Guys,

I’ve been having this issue every week or so for the last month. Any scripts that have an [EventRef] pointing towards an FMOD event goes blank in the inspector and starts freezing. The same thing happens in the FMOD tab for the Event Browser. I can see all my events but when I highlight one, there is no information below and it freezes unity. Have you any of you experienced this issue before? Thanks in advance for any help/information.


Can’t say I have come across this before, do you get any warnings or errors when this occurs?
If it is FMOD in particular causing this, you could try deleting the integration and re-importing it, possibly updating if you’re not on the latest version as well.

Hey Cameron,

We were able to figure out what was going on. One of the FMOD files was moved into a different folder and it made it so all of the other scripts couldn’t reference the FMOD syntax. I appreciate you answering this. It was super frustrating for a moment. Take care,